Friday, March 2, 2012

Going Back To Cali

March is a big month for me as I reach a milestone birthday. We are heading back to celebrate with some of our east coast transplant-west coast friends and the anticipation is killing me. 30 is a big birthday and we have thrown some pretty amazing parties for our friends in celebration of theirs. There was Mexico and Big Bear and Medieval Times to name a few?! I love my San Diego family and cannot wait to see you! And eat fish tacos.

The Perfect Pacific

OB Pier
Sunset Cliffs

 Coronado Bridge

 And then there were celebrations...
Stephanie's 30th
 And B and Jules'
 And Kim's aka Shelly
And Sierra's, plus (2 ;) diamond earrings
And Allen and Dougie's. Viva la Mexico!

Coolest cake from Azucar (birthday 2 years ago fell on the Oscars)
 Red velvet, I'm coming for you

I cannot wait to see you gorgeous girls!


  1. Happy 30th Birthday! Have a great time in California. (And two ZZs!!)