Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Coat Affair

I thought that by leaving sunny San Diego behind that I would get a chance to experience Winter-and by that I mean- wear the 14 Winter coats I bought right before I left the West Coast and then upon arrival. On another note, I also saw the most perfect leather coat at a Salvation Army the other day. It pretty much was this $2,800 Balenciaga one seen on this pretty lady below...AND they would not sell it to me because it was missing the price tag. I tried to pull out the stops, "I am willing to pay top dollar! Why would you not want the sale? You are in fact a charity right? Wouldn't my money be going to help people in need?" Nothing worked. I am debating whether or not to hunt it down, because now it could be in a number of different stores, after it leaves the "pricing center". I lost that battle, but somehow I think I will be ok. 


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