My Story

As a kid, I remember when my mom would take us back to school shopping. For my sisters and I, that was our one shot to get what we needed for the year. The day I started making my own money, this notion of the "back to school outfits" quickly changed. My first job was when I was 13 and every payday I went to the mall and bought something. My first love was shoes, but it really did not matter if it was a pair of shoes, a purse, an article of clothing, or an accessory, if I liked it, I bought it. I never have grown out of this love of fashion and style; I have just come to realize that I do not want to be broke for the rest of my life due to it, so I found a way around that. I started thrift store shopping and have been lucky enough to find some incredible things at unreal prices. This has given me even more of a sense of pride over the fashions I find and the style I keep. It has also transformed the way I look at fashion as it relates to who I am because I believe style is an extension of my personality. I've been thrift store shopping for some 4 and a half years and now I want to share some tips and finds with you. Welcome to The Thrifty Find!