Monday, March 19, 2012

Full Bloom

Well, the story camera broke so I debated what to do..invest in an expensive, yet amazing camera or get another point and shoot? So I went a whole other route and happily purchased an IPhone and I am in love! As Sierra said, "It will change your life."

So what else has been going on since my last post and my big 3-0? I went out of my twenties with a bang..we will leave it at that!

I thought about quitting the blog, but my inner fashion/deal lover told me that I should keep on doing it as I really do love thrift store shopping and then telling everyone about it! I think it has become a part if me now..probably should add it to my resume. 

I am loving this warm weather and the spring flowers and fashion that comes along with it. Flowers are in full bloom, they are even in my tea! These cherry blossoms in DC are so exquisite and quite peaceful. This is my first time seeing them so I am probably more excited than the next person, but they take my breath away when I am driving through the Tidal Basin along the Potomac River. Thank you Japan for your generous gift.

Back to the clothes aspect of Spring..I went to my trusty thrifty..appropriately called, B Thrifty to look for some spring trends and got these floral delights. 2 blouses and a shirt dress. I like to keep them flowy and airy with skinny jeans or tuck them in for a more polished look for work.

I also became a tea lover over night. I bought the most amazing tea at Teavana. I opted for the youthberry and wild orange blossom, but their selection was impressive. I also got German rock sugar. Hello, pop rocks in your tea, but they are actually good for you! I still dislike iced tea..not sure why? If you are reading this then you got to the end of my long-winded blog post of the day. Thanks ;)  
Here some pictures to accompany all my thoughts.

Love this tree in front of the house 
 Cherry Blossoms, Potomac River
(This is from my moving car, I have a date to go see them this weekend ;)

Holy F(lorals) 3 bucks each!

 Try this tea! 

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  1. I am glad you didn't quit the blog. I enjoy reading what you are up to. Glad you rocked the 3-0 in Cali. Happy belated birthday.